Is your garage being maintained on a regular basis? If your garage door is not being maintained and lubricated regularly, you may run in to issues with it in the future. We’ll go over it for you! Call Jay The Garage Door Doctor Today At 661-888-3409 |

Jay has been Replacing and Servicing Garage Doors in the Santa Clarita Valley since 2013.

Your garage door is one of the hardest-working parts of your home. You rely on it day in and day out to open and close on your command. Make sure your garage door is getting the proper maintenance and care it needs.

In you need a new Garage Door, Jay has access to all styles, from Contemporary to Traditional!

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We’ll make sure your garage gets the correct TLC to continue functioning properly at all times. By servicing your garage door, you can help expand its overall lifespan and functionality. Servicing a garage door is a lot like going in for a physical exam. We check for all of the physical wear and tear as well as check for underlying issues. It’s the same for a garage door.

In most cases, servicing your garage may help to divert issues or ensure that small problems don’t turn in to larger ones later down the road. Jay The Garage Door Doctor may identify small things like loose springs and will promptly replace it. Don’t get caught off guard by a broken garage spring and have to fork out extra to have the entire garage door fixed.

At Jay’s Garage Door Doctor, we always perform these standard individual checks, such as:

  • Springs: Examine torsion springs to ensure they have the right level of tension.
  • Cable: Check the cable for signs of fraying and replace anything that looks worn.
  • Roller: Look for signs of bending or breakage.
  • Door sections and panels: Search for signs of disrepair, which can impact the garage door opener as well.
    Garage door opener: Use for opening and closing several times to ensure the door is balanced.