At an average of twice a day that would be 730! Most likely more like 1000.

Service your Garage Door at least once every year with Jay The Garage Door Doctor. Keep running quiet & smooth.


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Replace or Service your Broken Garage Door with a new one.

Santa Clarita and surrounding communities experience temperatures that go from one extreme to another. Because of this, garage doors may possibly need repair. If not repair, most likely a servicing. Service once a year will Prevent Repairs. All garage door manufacturing companies recommend a service each year. This cuts long-term costs by catching upcoming problems before they occur and cost you more from having to buy a new door.  The service also keeps your system running smooth and quiet all the time. Look no further! Call Jay Garage Door Doctor


There are many parts that make up a Garage Door.  Professional Service by Jay The Garage Door Doctor will reduce potential costly repairs by catching upcoming problems before they occur and save you from having to buy a new door. Take advantage of our summer offer! Replace your garage door now!

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