There are many factors to consider when choosing a new garage door. Should you invest in an insulated garage door?

If your garage is connected to your house and unheated (as most garages are), you should consider an insulated door in order to make heating and cooling your home more efficient. Also, insulated garage doors will help keep your garage cooler during extreme heat. If you have an occupied room above your garage, having an insulated door will decrease utility bills and also noise! Another consideration is what direction your garage door faces, the more it’s in the direct sunlight the more benefit you’ll see from having it insulated.

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There are many parts that make up a Garage Door. Professional Service by Jay The Garage Door Doctor will reduce potential costly repairs by catching upcoming problems before they occur and save you from having to buy a new door. Take advantage of our summer offer! Replace your garage door now!
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An annual service each year cuts long-term costs by catching upcoming problems before they occur and cost you more from having to buy a new door.  The service also keeps your system running smooth and quiet all the time.


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