Is your Garage Door loud and squeaky? The weather has a lot to with how your Garage Door operates.

After years of drought conditions, 2019 Rain totals are well above normal with cold weather, then warming up. Rain and Moisture, then Warm Weather, up and down and up and down, can make for a very Loud & Squeaky garage!

Rain, No Rain, Cold and then Warm. This kind of environment is hard on your garage door parts. Call Jay The Garage Door Doctor and get annual service.

Get an annual service on your garage door to keep it running smooth. Book Service, Get Repair or get a New Door if necessary  with the Doctor, Jay The Garage Door Doctor!

Many moving parts make up a Garage Door.  Over time these may wear out or fail. Book a Professional Service by Jay The Garage Door Doctor to reduce potential costly repairs by catching upcoming problems before they occur and save you from having to buy a new door.

Keep your garage running quiet and smooth and avoid Broken Springs and inconvenient breakdown.

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Jay the Garage Door Doctor can service your broken garage door or replace it with a new one.