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“I offer good honest service at the best possible price; in fact, I beat most other companies with just that alone. Garage door repairs have been blown out of proportion to the buyer. They should not be as expensive as they are. Big corporations have jumped on the high profit garage door wagon and have made millions from you, the homeowner in need, taking advantage of the fact that you don’t know any better when it comes to how much door repairs should cost.

Take a few minutes, and call the others and listen to what they have to say about your problem then ask them for prices. The ones that avoid a price are the ones you never want to waste your time with. Try and get a price, then call me. I’m confident my price will be better and my service is too.

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Having garage door trouble? Jay knows all of the ins and outs that makeup a garage door and is sure to meet your needs.  Professional Service by Jay The Garage Door Doctor will not only lower your costs but also prevent you from the headache of having to replace your entire garage for an arm and a leg. Take advantage of our everyday affordable costs and 5 star service.

Keep from having to replace your garage door and keep things tuned and working smoothly by receiving an annual checkup with us. If you’re currently having garage trouble, call Jay today! 661-888-3409 (same day service in most cases).