Why You Shouldn’t Crack Your Garage Door

1. Shortens Your Door’s Life
Additionally, this habit places strain on the lifts and pulleys that operate your system. While your garage door’s springs, cables, and motor are very strong, they’re not indestructible. Over time, this can cause a door to stop working, requiring repair.

2. Can Raise Your Energy Bill
While you may enjoy the added airflow from having your garage door slightly open, even a small gap allows your home’s heated or cooled air to escape. This causes your HVAC system to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. If you make a habit of this, you’ll likely notice a spike in your monthly energy bill or added need for maintenance.

3. Can Cause Pest Issues
Though it might seem like a small amount of space, a gap underneath your door is just enough to allow pests into your home. Squirrels, birds, lizards, rodents, skunks, insects and more will be looking to take refuge from the elements, and be able to sneak in and take up residence in your home.  You likely not be happy with your newest house-guests.

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